Photo by Oleksandra Bardash on Unsplash

I follow you out to the balcony
Whisper to you from across the way
Watch you fan your face
(It’s always muggy here)
And sip your wine
Call your friends,
Talking loudly
Do you know I’m listening?

You hooked up with him last night
You say
Yes, you probably did, since you came back
With a spring in your step
You wish he was younger
And you twist your hair around your finger
Light up a cigarette and start swirling the smoke
Into the air

I could use my binoculars, but I like listening better I like imagining your face…

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

I never had the chance to try
to be a mom for you

to feel you growing inside me
to feel you surge in my belly
and kick me while I try to sleep
make friends before I see your
lovely face

feel your finger curl around mine
and your wet lips against my skin
as I nourish you
see your eyes light up as I coo
at you

feel my heart surge with love
at the sight of you
your eyes match deep earth
and your hair is the color of flame
your smile is crooked
but perfect


Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I wish to be free
To believe what I want
And not be judged
Or damned
Or sentenced

To be told my future is
Now different than yours
Bleaker, that it will end in
Is puzzling

Because you don’t know me
You knew my mask of projection
And you assumed I was like you

And I was,
For a while
But I saw the colors change
I took note of the shadows
And I felt the shifting in my bones
From one truth to the next

Until the sacred became silly And my choices danced before me…

Photo by Greg Garnhart on Unsplash

I had a dream my father died
he was laying on the ground
I was singing above him
“Open your eyes, open your eyes,
come back to me.”

On Sundays we would ride through the trees of Upstate NY
in his Sunbeam, listening to music
just him and me

such a laid-back guy, good natured, sweet soul, but I wish he had
experienced more love
in his life

so much to give and never reciprocated by my mom
daddy’s little girl,

or perhaps I just saw the injustice of spending your life working for other people to end up…

Helena Toto

Freelance Writer & Writing Coach, Poet, and Empath striving to live each day in conscious awareness.

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